Dodging infrared cameras, and Predator

Light, it's something we rely on everyday, it helps us to see, to know where we're going and to just live our lives. It's required for respiration and phytoplankton need it to create oxygen. It's a vital ingredient for life, but the light we see isn't the whole picture. We see only a tiny portion... Continue Reading →

It’s getting hotter

We hear about things like "global warming" and "climate change" in the news and how if we don't do something now, it's going to be worse in the future. But some people will tell you the Earth isn't getting warmer, as they can recall days and even months where it was cooler than usual. So the... Continue Reading →

Human hibernation?

If humans are to ever leave Earth in search of a new home, it is likely we'd need to travel quite a distance to our new planet. It takes 6 months to reach Mars - with Mars not even being a good candidate to host us in the first place. Then if you go beyond Mars... Continue Reading →

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